It’s been a common misconception that you can sell absolutely anything on your own. Selling a home on your own, or even buying without representation is not the wisest of choices. In today’s day and age, with our advanced social media sites, we are influenced by the simplicity of various “do it yourself” platforms. It can often prove to be a challenge to not consider following the step-by-step tutorials that these companies provide. Something as simple as surfing on You Tube and Google makes us confident that we can do anything, and ,within seconds of searching we are given readily available information with procedures and encouraging
taglines that force us to consider this route.

Our culture seems to thrive on independence and resourcefulness. Realistically, who doesn’t want to feel like they are saving a buck in the end? At times, the execution is easy and there is no real risk. An item no one should ever gamble on is the largest investment of their lives, which is their home.

Let me tell you the things that these sites do not mention.

Despite the fact that the philosophy behind these For Sale By Owner sites may make things seem really simple, there are probably a few significant aspects you’re not considering. You do not possess education and licensing for selling Real Estate, nor are you protected under an entity that regulates the real estate transaction being completed.

Another factor to consider is that you have your own job, family, home and hobbies to take care of, these things don’t stop just because you
are wanting to buy or sell a house. Things can spin out of control easily at any stage of the listing and transaction without proper guidance on the hypersensitive points of a real estate sale. Meanwhile, you are racing against the clock and may run out of time, whether it be for days on market, or a condition removal in multiple sales. There are so many unpredictable variables that arise that can sabotage a real estate transaction. Who will be there to help you with the damage control?

The reason I draw plenty attention to the time factor is because for sellers, days on market is a major factor in the public perception of a property selling at a high sale price. High days on market can stack up very quickly when there is limited exposure, and pricing could pose as an issue due to the lack of market knowledge.

Time plays a huge roll for buyer. They could lose out on their dream home if they don’t have a Real Estate Agent informing them quickly. They could miss a purchase deadline that they needed to meet and be homeless if they don’t have a professional to help ensure that it happens for them.

For buyers and sellers, there are deadlines to meet and coordinate for the removal of conditions to accomplish a firm sale.

Real Estate Agents also have the majority of the buyer’s market viewing properties and working with them. We are going to show our own inventory first and foremost, and we are going to support the MLS system.

Private Buyers: Is the seller that you have approached alone going to be honest and forthcoming? How would they be held accountable in the
event they were dishonest or didn’t provide proper disclosure? If you have an agent with you, the problem should be avoided and for non-preventable circumstances the brokerage represents your cause.

Let’s not forget inventory knowledge, massive marketing platforms, fiduciary standards and negotiation assistance. We do all the work for you
and ease the pressure of the move. Please protect yourself, whether you are buying or selling, and ensure you use a licensed professional when completing a real estate transaction.

Happy Spring Market, I wish everyone the best of luck in their ventures and encourage you to contact me for real estate assistance today!