Buying a home can be very enjoyable and satisfying, given the opportunity to create inviting spaces. However, gaping cracks or bowing deflection in the foundation wall can come as unsightly surprises when you are looking at your next big investment. This less appealing aspect of shopping for a home in Regina is especially important to understand as these problems arise from our soil

The backstory for the environmental issues that caused our soil to be in the form of a gumbo like clay goes back more than 11,000 years ago. Glacial Lake Regina encompassed Regina and a large portion of Southern Saskatchewan. Sodium bentonite, a component that triggers the soil to take on water and expand, is one of the factors to this issue. The extreme weather conditions do not help with the volatility of movement due to freezing and thawing.

As a result, buyers may find a home with heaving in the floor or see that the foundation walls are shifting and showing deflection. The expansion in the clay like soil adds unwanted pressure on the foundation walls. This is a commonality among Regina properties throughout the city. The situation is manageable with proper precautions and maintenance.

Knowing how to prevent issues and strengthen the foundation of the homes in Saskatchewan can make the conditions much more manageable. Home owners and purchasers must ensure advice is obtained from industry experts on the conditions and remediation, such as engineers and experts in foundation repair.

The most commonly encountered form of structural support is the bracing technique, which is the use of steel beams that are bolted to the wall, connecting from the foundation floors to the ceiling joists, preventing the wall from pushing inward. Other recommended methods of reinforcement and protection to the structure of your property include techniques such as the use of pony wall, waterproof membrane, installation of weeping tile and improvement in grading, and tele-post adjustments.

To completely eliminate our known issues with foundations is impossible, but building a property on what is called “piles” is another important topic to touch on. This is one of the more current methods which was formulated to ensure that the structure remains in a stable and straight position. Piles are long pieces of cement with rebar to strengthen which extends deep into the ground used to stabilize home foundations. There is no way to fully prevent cracked basement walls but the evolution of new methods has helped greatly.

Buyers and sellers take note; the structure of a home can be a costly component to a purchase and is added maintenance, so it should be considered for the pricing of a property. This also goes to show the importance of hiring a professional Real Estate Agent for the proper initial evaluation and disclosure of a potential deficiency. Home inspections are extremely important for this reason as well. For the structure, the most important opinion is that of an engineer’s evaluation. The structural company that has been helpful to my clients and is an established company in Regina, is AAA Solid Foundations Repair Ltd.

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