Regina has new proposed and approved developments under-way. Forward thinking and innovative ideas have been put into action in order to enrich Regina Living and provide even more options to Regina residents. Here is some information on the variety of new areas to keep in mind for the near future if you are planning to move. These new developments could work for you regardless of which end of town is in your favour!

Skywood is an approved development, located in the northwest end of Regina, situated north of Diefenbaker Drive and adjacent to McCarthy Boulevard. This area is said to be “Premier Living in Regina’s North West” and is spearheaded by Geiger Homes Ltd. The approved development will house 1560 residents once complete, and will be offering a broad range of housing options and amenities within the community. A sense of community is present as the concept plan was designed to add connectivity, involving a joint use school and pedestrian linkages, helping to co-ordinate with the already existing neighbourhoods south of the new area.

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Westerra is an approved development located in West Regina on Dewdney Avenue; bordered by Pinkie Road and Courtney Street, offered as a convenient location and spanning over 490 acres. The area is said to offer a wide variety of single family and multi-family homes and will be full of parks, retail shopping and boutique shops on West Market Street. There will also be a business park conveniently located to provide easy access to employment opportunities. With this said, it will be the closest suburban community to downtown. This simplifies access to downtown for residents with the express transit route and the West Regina Bypass. This area is developed by Forster Projects and Harvard Developments, and managed by Harvard Communities.

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Coopertown is a proposed development, bordered by Diefenbaker Drive, Pinkie Road and Armour Road which will span over 12,000 acres. This potential area is planned to be home to approximately 36,000 residents. This is a vision for the North West end of Regina that has been in the works for many years, organized by Homes by Dream. The philosophy behind the proposed area has been crafted to incorporate amenities and opportunities within Urban Centre Development to surpass any other area of Regina. This is an exciting opportunity for Regina and is planned to advance by the end of this year or early next year.

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South East Regina: “The Towns”
This new proposed area by Dreams Development is planned to be on the eastern boundary of the city limits, located between Victoria Avenue, Primrose Green Drive and Arcola Avenue. It is located adjacent to popular areas such as Windsor Park, Woodland Grove, The Greens on Gardiner and the Creeks to the southwest. The Towns will be an area to appeal to all demographics, regardless of age or lifestyle as it is said to offer numerous choices of housing to accommodate all. The population in the area is planned to reach 17,000 residents. Approval of this area is to be reviewed by the Planning Commission on September 7th, 2016.