Rent to Own in Regina

Rent to Own is a great alternative for people who no longer want to rent but don’t quite qualify for a mortgage! Whether you are not forgiven for past mistakes, or are unable to come up with the full amount for the down payment, we can help you find and move into the home you always wanted.

You may already be paying rent to live somewhere. Wouldn’t it be better if those rent payments were doing more than just getting you a house to live in? Wouldn’t it be better if those rent payments were getting you into a position to improve your net worth by getting you out of that rental property and into home ownership? We have excellent rent to own options available to help you find the home you always wanted!

Each month that you pay your rent on time, a portion of your rent is credited back to you towards your down payment so that at the end of your lease term you will have the full 5% down payment needed for your mortgage plus a little extra to help cover closing costs.

How to Qualify for Rent to Own

  • MINIMUM gross annual combined income of $60,000
  • MINIMUM $8,000 down payment available to get started
  • Slightly damaged credit or no established credit rating
  • Employed with a steady source of income

Apply for Rent to Own

If you are interested, and would like to learn more about owning your own home through a rent to own program, please complete the application form on this page to apply for a rent to own purchase or contact Cosby.

Cosby Luangchaleun
TMG The Mortgage Group
Phone: 306-596-7719

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