US Real Estate Services for Canadians

We provide professional services and expert advice regarding real estate in the United States to Canadians visiting or living in all 50 states. We offer full service packages for Canadians buying, selling and renting real estate properties all across the United States. Learn about all the real estate services available to Canadians in the United States and in the two most popular states, Arizona and Florida.

Canada to USA

Over 20,000,000 Canadians visit the US every year. Canadian purchased a record amount of US real estate in 2017 with over 33,000 sales and nearly $19 billion dollars spent!

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Canada to Arizona

Canadian snowbirds own or rent over 100,000 properties in Arizona and spend $1.4 billion dollars during an average 4 month stay bringing total Canadian tourism to $2.4 billion.

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Canada to Florida

Over 4.1 million Canadians visit Florida every year including many short term and long term winter visitors. Canadians purchased over $7 billion dollars of Florida real estate in 2017.

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